About Us

Global diversity, equality, and inclusivity statement

Combining the local and the global to achieve the best for all students.


The International Schools Foundation (ISF) helps schools around the world offer the best curricula possible by combining local expertise from their country of origin with international curricula and the newest developments in educational technology.

We work with both schools and governments to enhance provision and development of educational practices to provide our students with an excellent academic grounding, as well as prepare them for life beyond academics.

All schools are regularly inspected and the quality of educational provision monitored, thus ensuring the highest standards are met and maintained.


At ISF, we view ‘international education’ as an ideal symbiosis between the global and the local.

We believe that a truly global citizen is one who is able to appreciate and feel proud of their country of origin, but still be open-minded towards the skills, expertise, and abilities they can learn from other societies and cultures.

Therefore, we encourage and support our global team of educators to identify the best aspects of education from around the world and use that to enhance their local curricula.


Not only do our students complete their school education with qualifications that allow them to enter the most prestigious universities in the world, they also have an expanded world view and understand their responsibilities as global citizens.

Our students participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities from charity fundraising, to environmental projects and community work. Great emphasis is placed upon the cultivation of confident learners who exhibit strong interpersonal skills. These skills, as well as the ability to think analytically and seek innovation ensure our students will succeed in an ever-changing world.

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